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Annual review 2022

James Cathy

2022 in review: strategic focus, excellence, innovation and agility

We knew 2022 would be challenging but set stretching targets. The year was tougher than anyone anticipated. Yet our performance exceeded expectations. 

That’s thanks to our strategy, focusing on geographies, sectors and services where we have core strength; our drive for innovation and excellence to deliver great outcomes for our clients and society; and the energy and agility of our colleagues.

Insight from all points of the compass

Our response to the unique challenges and opportunities in your region

Groupshot mottmacdonald

Open dialogue on issues that matter

Where does Mott MacDonald stand on social purpose, accessibility, inclusion and diversity? What impact are early career professionals (ECPs) having on the company’s projects and culture? How seriously is climate change being taken? What’s the vision for digital innovation and technology?


Four ECPs put their questions to executive chair James Harris and managing director Cathy Travers.

Annual review

Who we are, what we do, why and how, through the lens of our projects, people and achievements.



Annual review 2022

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