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Annual review 2022

Privacy and data protection

Website privacy notice

This website privacy notice will help you understand the types of personal information we collect, why we need to process your personal information, how we use it, who we share it with, and the rights you have over it.

In certain locations, there may be differences in the way that we collect and use personal information due to local legal requirements or the way that Mott MacDonald operates. If that is the case, we will notify you of this in a supplementary privacy notice.

How we use your personal information

We collect and use personal information about you primarily for the purposes of marketing and managing our relationship with you. We also use analytics and statistics to understand how our websites are used.

We may also collect and use your personal information for the purposes of dealing with legal disputes, to fulfil our obligations under other relevant laws and regulations, and/or to fulfil our own legitimate business purposes; for example, to improve our websites and other online products and services that we offer.

Personal information we may need to process

While using our website, we may collect, use, analyse and store the following types of personal information about you.


1. Personal information categories:​

General Information: personal contact details, name, title, and work email addresses, company name, location, and other information you may choose to provide us when you contact us with your enquiries.

Use of information systems: information about your use of our communications and information systems, including usage analytics, time keeping, utilisation information, and access logs to Mott MacDonald systems.

Online tracking technologies: information about your device when you visit and access our websites and services including, cookies, identification numbers, location, IP address, pixels, device ID, websites visited, and language used.

For more information about the personal information we collect in relation to your activity and interaction with our websites, please see our Online tracking technologies privacy notice.

For the purposes of this notice, financial data, health data, criminal conviction or offence information (e.g. from a background check), information about children, and government identifiers have been treated as particularly sensitive personal information (also referred to as “special category data” in Europe).

We do not normally collect sensitive personal information through our websites. However, in the event that we do collect this type of personal information, we will only process it if there is a specific legal reason for doing so, or where we otherwise have sought your consent. If we require your consent, further information about the use and handling of your personal information will be provided to you at the point of collection.

In an increasingly digital and connected world, we are determined to maintain the trust and confidence of every individual whose personal information we collect, access, analyse or store.

We are committed to meeting our obligations under privacy and data protection laws and respecting the rights of the individuals whose personal information we process.

We also recognise the increasing emphasis placed by our clients on privacy and data protection issues and ensure that our services and operations support their processing of personal information in a secure and legally compliant manner.

When it comes to processing personal information there are some core principles we always follow: lawfulness, fairness and transparency; purpose limitation; data minimisation; accuracy; storage limitation; confidentiality and integrity; accountability.

Everyone at Mott MacDonald is responsible for upholding these principles. This helps us to ensure that personal information is processed in accordance with privacy and data protection laws, our Privacy and data protection policy, Our Code and our PRIDE values of respect, integrity and excellence.

Select the relevant privacy notice to learn more about how we process personal information. You can contact our Group Privacy and Data Protection Officer, James Alexander, by emailing If you would like to exercise any of your privacy and data protection rights you can contact our privacy and data protection team.

How we collect your personal information

We collect your personal information when you access and use our website and online services. It will normally be collected directly from you. You may provide your personal information for the following purposes:

Websites: we collect personal information from you when you use our websites, including forms submitted through the website

Social media and social business tools: if you use any social media and social business tools on our websites, including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, any personal information you provide will be subject to those social media sites, which may have their own cookies and privacy notices. You should carefully review those notices to ensure you’re happy with how they process your personal information.

How we justify our use of your personal information

We will only use personal information about you when the law allows us to do so. We normally rely on one or more of the following legal justifications when we collect, use, handle, or share your personal information:


  • as necessary to fulfil and perform the contractual obligations that we have entered into with you.

  • as necessary to comply with a legal obligation.

  • as consistent with your consent to processing of your personal information.

  • as necessary for our legitimate interests and business needs.

  • as necessary to protect your interests or someone else’s interests.

  • as necessary in the public interest.

Some of the above justifications will overlap, so it is possible that more than one legal justification will apply at the same time to enable us to process a particular element of your personal information.

In certain locations, there may be differences in the legal justifications that can be relied upon when we collect, use, and handle personal information due to local legal requirements or the way that Mott MacDonald operates in that territory. If that is the case, we will notify you of the differences in a supplementary privacy notice.

Who we may need to share your personal information with

Mott MacDonald may share personal information with our trusted business partners and vendors only when it is necessary to do so. We may share personal information with:

External service providers who support our technology infrastructure, websites and built-in applications by collecting, storing and handling personal information on our behalf; for example, in webforms.

Partners when we offer products or services jointly with a partner, for example, through a webinar or a project. In such an event, we will share your information with a partner for the purpose of facilitating the offering. In such a case, the partner’s name will appear along with ours on the product or service.

Regulatory authorities as required by law.

Law enforcement agencies investigating alleged criminal offences by individuals or organisations.

When we need to share your personal information with third parties, we use a combination of contractual, physical and technical measures to keep it secure. Please refer to our Group policies for more information.

Please note that we will never sell your personal information to another organisation for any purpose.

Processing your personal information in (or from) other countries

We are a global business, and our clients and trusted business partners, including service providers and suppliers, are located all over the world. This means that your personal information may need to be accessed, stored, used, handled, or otherwise processed in countries outside the one where you are normally located, for the purposes described in this website privacy notice.

How we protect your personal information

We work hard to maintain and improve security measures that prevent personal information from being accidentally lost, used, or accessed in an unauthorised way, altered, or disclosed. We limit access to personal information to individuals or organisations who have a legal right of access (for example, regulatory authorities or law enforcement agencies), or a legitimate business need to know (for example platform owners and website managers, our clients, suppliers, and service providers or other third parties).

Our service providers and suppliers will only process personal information in accordance with our instructions, and we ensure that all third parties are subject to a legal duty of confidentiality. We have put in place procedures to deal with any suspected personal information breaches and will notify you and any relevant regulator or supervisory authority of a breach when required.

All our People who may be required to access your personal information when carrying out their duties are required to complete privacy and data protection training on an annual basis.

Please see our Information Security and Privacy and data protection Group policies for further information.

Before sharing your personal information across international borders, we ensure that appropriate safeguards are in place and that your privacy and data protection rights are protected. Those safeguards will normally include data encryption, role-based access permissions, and legal agreements that facilitate the lawful cross-border transfer of personal information.

How long we keep your personal information

Mott MacDonald will only keep personal information which permits identification of individuals for no longer than is necessary for the purposes of processing set out in this notice.

Specific retention periods are defined, recorded and applied by the business unit responsible for the personal information to which they apply. For personal information relating to marketing, this will normally be either Group Marketing or the relevant regional Marketing team.

When your personal information is deleted or destroyed, we ensure that is it safely and permanently disposed of in accordance with any local legal requirements.

Your rights over your personal information

  • Right of access to your personal information. This enables you to request a copy of your personal information and to check that we are processing it lawfully.

  • Right to correct the personal information that we hold about you. This enables you to ask us to amend or update any incomplete or inaccurate personal information.

  • Right to request erasure of personal information about you. This enables you to ask us to delete or remove personal information where there is no valid reason for us to continue processing it.

  • Right to object to the use of your personal information if you think we do not have a valid reason to process it and want us to stop processing it.

  • Right to restrict further use of personal information about you. This enables you to ask us to limit or suspend the use of your personal information (for example, if you want us to confirm its accuracy or the reason why we are processing it).

  • Right to transfer personal information about you to another party. You can ask us to send (or “port”) your personal information to another organisation.

We respect your rights over your personal information. You can exercise those rights at any time by initiating a request using our individual rights request form. Please request this form by contacting our privacy and data protection team by emailing

If you have provided your consent to the collection and processing of personal information for a specific purpose, you may have the right to withdraw your consent.

To withdraw your consent, please contact our marketing team at Once we have received notification that you have withdrawn your consent, we will no longer process personal information about you for the purpose or purposes you originally agreed to, unless we are required to do so by law or have a legitimate reason for doing so.

To find out how you can withdraw your consent to the use of cookies and similar online tracking technologies visit our Online tracking technologies privacy notice.

If you choose to withdraw your consent to processing, we will stop the use of your personal information but, as a consequence, you may be excluded from certain activities. The consequences of withdrawing your consent for a specific scenario will be informed to you at the point when you withdraw your consent.

Contact us

If you have any questions about this privacy notice, please contact for further information.

If you’re unhappy about the way we are processing your personal information, you may also have the right to complain to an external privacy or data protection regulator in the country, state, or province where you are located. If you need any help identifying the relevant regulator, please contact the Privacy and Data Protection Team at

If you’re located in Singapore, you can also contact the team by dialling 6293-1900. If you’re a resident of California, please contact or dial 800-832-3272.

Changes to our website privacy notice

This website privacy notice was issued in June 2022 and may need to be updated because of changes to our systems and processes or the law. We may also notify you in other ways from time to time about the processing of personal information about you.

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