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Annual review 2022

Whether we face an everyday dilemma or something more serious, as individuals or as a business, Our Code is here to help us make good decisions and do what’s right.

James Harris, executive chair

James Harris

Our Code helps us build trust and mutual respect with colleagues, clients, partners and society

We made business ethics a key discussion point in 2022: We launched a series of ‘dilemmas’ to illustrate a range of situations that can arise at work and raise awareness of how to respond to them.

The dilemmas were introduced to help embed Our Code, a framework for applying our values of progress, respect, integrity, drive and excellence – PRIDE.

Senior leaders across our business used the dilemmas to lead conversations with colleagues, typically at the beginning of team meetings. Throughout the year, those conversations spanned ways to:

  • identify and combat corruption

  • stand up to bullying

  • promote social inclusion and equal opportunity

  • protect our assets, information and reputation

Six questions guide individuals to make good decisions and do what’s right: Is the situation or action legal? Does it comply with Mott MacDonald policy? Is it consistent with our values? Would I be comfortable if this appeared in the news or on social media? Would this be a good way to operate if we did things this way all the time? Does it help to build our ethical culture and reputation?

If the answer to any question is ‘no’, measures should be taken to avoid, stop or rectify the situation. We have a confidential, independently operated reporting service, Speak Up, for situations where staff, partners or clients feel unable to register or escalate a concern via their manager, human resources, or another manager in the Group.

Our Code applies to everyone we employ and work with, worldwide, and to increase its accessibility we translated it into 12 languages in 2022 with work on five more now underway.

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Annual review 2022

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